International business law

The commercial activity of a business in France and abroad must be supervised by a lawyer mastering the different international legislations and having the capacity to appear in court in front of an important number of jurisdictions.
Since 17 years, Draï law firm advises and defends interest of French and foreign companies at Paris, New York, and Lyon bars as well as at the Supreme Court of the United States.

Areas of application of international business law

International business law applies to litigations involving businesses on national territory and abroad. It gathers generally the following areas of law :

  • Competition law : parasitism, unfair competition, contractual liability (page dedicated to competition law)
  • Intellectual and industrial property law : protection of brands, patents, designs and models against counterfeiting (page dedicated to intellectual and industrial property law)
  • Company law : incorporation of societies in France and abroad, conflicts between shareholders, guarantees, assets and liability guarantees (page dedicated to company law)
  • Business law : negotiation and drafting of international contracts, debts recovery, wrongful termination of business relations (page dedicated to commercial law)
  • Banking law
  • Financial law

Why consulting an international business lawyer ?

International business implies a great knowledge of legislation and legal restrictions in each country. The creation of a company, of an affiliated, the signature of contracts with foreign commercial actors or even the launching of a commercial activity at the international scale must be well prepared and guided by a competent legal professional.
Whether it is in counseling or in litigation, the international business lawyer is a privileged partner to accompany businesses of all size in their international activities. The lawyer also plays a decisive role during arbitrations.
Draï law firm has over 17 years of experience in international law and is qualified to practice in front of foreign courts, in particular in New York and at the Supreme Court of the United States. Its vast network of correspondents allows the firm to defend the interests of numerous small and medium businesses and industries, French or foreign, by taking into account all economical
and legal stakes.

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